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Pinellas Park resident bans me from filming in his hood’

I’ve dealt with my fare share of idiots in my life, but this guy beats all of them.

Earlier today I was covering a homicide in Pinellas Park where a man intentionally ran over his girlfriend in the street. The girlfriend was killed and the suspect was apprehended after a standoff with SWAT not far away from the scene.

I had just set up my camera and tripod outside the police perimeter when a man walked up to me. He asked me who I was with and I told him I work freelance for several of the local television stations. After he asked if I was with the police and started looking around, I realized where this conversation was going and started rolling.

So, shrimpy wants to protect the City of Pinellas Park from negative media attention huh? I wasn’t surprised at all when he said he wasn’t employed. I mean who other than the police, media, and evacuated residents have 7 hours to hang around a crime scene? Come to think of it, this guy would be GREAT in public relations.

“Yeah but you better recognize what a hood is iight?” What drug is this guy on? I’ve been into some ghetto trash neighborhoods in Tampa and St. Petersburg. I’ve had police officers say “I’m leaving and I suggest you do the same.” So I’m hardly intimidated by a wannabe Pinellas Park street thug, especially when there’s over a dozen SWAT team members in the vicinity.

I did let a couple S-bombs fly, sometimes you got to talk on their level, you know what I’m sayin’? I  started raising my voice mostly to get the officer’s attention in the background. This guy was on something and logic wasn’t going to get anywhere.

I had just finished a 12 hour shift at my primary job so I wasn’t witty. “You’re about to be on the news in a second.” Haha, that’s quite possibly the dumbest threat I’ve ever made, but eh.

“They (police) even said I— know what I’m sayin?” Well, apparently they didn’t tell you anything, other than go home. Big kudos to the officer for stepping in so I could get my shots and leave. It was really muggy and this fool was wasting my time.

On a positive note, street thug really made me laugh today, and laughter is the best medicine of all.